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WedsSport Chasers

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did you get your tickets?

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I have. at Fandango. :)
Thursday. July 17th. 12:01AM! 

all 9 TV Spots and the 3 Official Trailers 

nice fitment S2000

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Ninja Turtle/Minty Fresh Skyrine

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Congrats GM!

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so the ZR1 has achieved a 7:26.4 in the famed Nurburgring. not bad for a ultimate Corvette. 

interestingly, when the GTR goes on sale on July 7th in the US, GM will release its Nurburgring video. 


damn..nice engine. LS9 swap anyone? haha.

Corvette ZR1 Engine and Picture credit: Jalopnik

Fleet of RAUH-Welts

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R.I.P. George Carlin

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Saving the Planet

how do you spend your Thursdays?

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before Mike Song (KM) and Lawrence Kao (KM) became famous. Mike Song’s face expressions are hilarious. haha 

Why NBC’s Top Gear will work and won’t work

Posted in Rants, TV Shows/Movies on June 16, 2008 by Jason

so this is the VERY first picture of the Top Gear set courtesy of Jalopink
from left to right: Adam Carolla, Eric Stromer, and Tanner Foust

Why it WILL work….eventually
-Because of the success of The Office I guess NBC is looking forward to doing it again.
-The Pilot will have awkward moments just like The Office…eventually it will get better?
-I never watched The Adam Carolla Show, I don’t know what Eric Stromer does for a living, and I already know Tanner Foust because of Formula Drift and his stunt driving in movies.
-It will be good exposure for BBC Top Gear.

Why it WON’T work
-The very first Top Gear wasn’t with the 3 (Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May) but a variety of people as a 30 minute program as a motoring magazine show in 1977 that eventually moved on to an hour in 2002. My point is NBC, it might take you a while tweaking the show to set it off right.
-If its another one of those shows that is sponsor-driven…screw it, it just won’t work. (I don’t want to see a show that is a huge dickriding festival *cough* Knight Rider *cough*)
-If car manufacturers can’t take the blunt hit of honesty in car reviews, then fix the mother effin problem! Don’t be butthurt. Isn’t that the point of a car review? to see the good and the bad within a car so the next model will be much more better and efficient?
-Why are they in a garage? Where is the audience?
-More importantly, Will USA Top Gear have their own anonymous racing driver aka The Stig?
-How will the chemistry with the 3 hosts play out?
Just because NBC has the formula of what UK Top Gear has, it doesn’t mean it will be a great success.
-Will visual cinematography and musical selections be chosen carefully or half-assed?

Jeremy Clarkson -> Adam Carolla
Richard Hammond -> Tanner Foust
James May -> Eric Stromer

if you want more info and the press release from NBC
click here ->

I’ll watch the Pilot and see how it goes until then I’m just waiting for June 22nd to arrive.
6 more days till BBC Top Gear Season 11!

No Pilot….NBC canceled. I was looking forward to it.

this is what heaven looks like

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is the GTR you pre-ordered here?

in Jacksonville, Florida port


^Los Angeles port/Long Beach