Why NBC’s Top Gear will work and won’t work

so this is the VERY first picture of the Top Gear set courtesy of Jalopink
from left to right: Adam Carolla, Eric Stromer, and Tanner Foust

Why it WILL work….eventually
-Because of the success of The Office I guess NBC is looking forward to doing it again.
-The Pilot will have awkward moments just like The Office…eventually it will get better?
-I never watched The Adam Carolla Show, I don’t know what Eric Stromer does for a living, and I already know Tanner Foust because of Formula Drift and his stunt driving in movies.
-It will be good exposure for BBC Top Gear.

Why it WON’T work
-The very first Top Gear wasn’t with the 3 (Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May) but a variety of people as a 30 minute program as a motoring magazine show in 1977 that eventually moved on to an hour in 2002. My point is NBC, it might take you a while tweaking the show to set it off right.
-If its another one of those shows that is sponsor-driven…screw it, it just won’t work. (I don’t want to see a show that is a huge dickriding festival *cough* Knight Rider *cough*)
-If car manufacturers can’t take the blunt hit of honesty in car reviews, then fix the mother effin problem! Don’t be butthurt. Isn’t that the point of a car review? to see the good and the bad within a car so the next model will be much more better and efficient?
-Why are they in a garage? Where is the audience?
-More importantly, Will USA Top Gear have their own anonymous racing driver aka The Stig?
-How will the chemistry with the 3 hosts play out?
Just because NBC has the formula of what UK Top Gear has, it doesn’t mean it will be a great success.
-Will visual cinematography and musical selections be chosen carefully or half-assed?

Jeremy Clarkson -> Adam Carolla
Richard Hammond -> Tanner Foust
James May -> Eric Stromer

if you want more info and the press release from NBC
click here -> http://www.autoblog.com/2008/06/16/top-gear-usa-hosts-announced/

I’ll watch the Pilot and see how it goes until then I’m just waiting for June 22nd to arrive.
6 more days till BBC Top Gear Season 11!

No Pilot….NBC canceled. I was looking forward to it.


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