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White Si

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“aw…damn speed bumps”

Sleeper Wagon

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1JZ bitches!

Hakosuka GTRs KPGC10

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no matter what the formula is…

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You sir, are an idiot. (the driver)

I don’t care how rich your parents are…have you heard of a midlife crisis?
That would be a perfect opportunity to get yourself a M3 but at 19!?
ok, maybe you got a full scholarship at UCLA but damn, you should know better.
You pressing the M button is like Paul Walker pressing the NOS button only to be fucked.
Have you not watched videos of the E92 M3s on YouTube? they over steer ALOT or maybe you were trying to impress the OP’s girlfriend. haha
Good luck paying for insurance, I hope your parents buy you a salvage beemer, and don’t run from the accident you caused.

P.S. The world owes you NOTHING.

old school tandem drifting

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Evasive knows offset…is EVERYTHING

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R33 GTR + Blue TE37s = awesome

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looked real at first

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until you see the pins

The original stig isn’t dead

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Some say that dolphins picked him up and dropped him off the nearest state when he was driving off of the Jaguar in the HMS Invincible 

All we know is he uses a Ruckus to get to work :P

Why So Serious?

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I watched The Dark Knight on Thursday midnight with 16 friends at Shoreline in Mountain View and all I have to say is WOW, I’m speechless.
Heath Ledger’s performance of the Joker made me forget that it was him under all that makeup. I don’t think anyone can top Ledger’s version of the Joker. seriously. the trailers and TV spots don’t do justice, WATCH THE MOVIE. the word creeper/psychopath/crazy/freak is an understatement. 
A movie can’t be a movie without a soundtrack and with the collaboration with Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard, the movie felt really intense. Also because of the intensity, Christopher Nolan has also written a great story breaking the cliche of most super hero films. It felt like an emotional roller coaster and the movie reviews aren’t kidding when they said the tone of this movie is REALLY DARK. 

want to be The Dark Knight? 

Way back in 2005, Batman began again. The series, which continues with Friday’s release of the highly-anticipated The Dark Knight, took Tim Burton’s Batman and added a few layers. Chris Nolan’s Batman had to train hard (trekking up mountains!) as well as party hard (swimming in fountains!).
When that movie came out, Forbes imagined how much it would cost to become Bats.

There’s a lot to consider:

The Training: $30,000. Learning judo, kung fu and other martial arts takes time and dedication. Forbes suggests an internship at the birthplace of kung fu: The Shaolin Temple in Henan, China. Tuition and room cost will add up over the three years they estimate it would take you to get in fighting shape. 

The Kit: $1,585. Since you won’t have the technology of Wayne Enterprises behind you, Forbes suggests a bulletproof jacket and kevlar helmet. And hope that no one aims for your legs.

The Utility Belt: $290. You can get a good belt for $10, then add climbing spikes, a Motorola RAZR (this is 2005, remember), ninja spikes, throwing stars and a medical kit.

The Batmobile: $2,000,000. It was called “The Tumbler” in Batman Begins. Start with a Hummer, suggests Forbes, then get creative. 

The HQ: $24,000. You probably don’t have a cave under your condo. So go rent some commercial space. 

The Butler: $200,000. Alfred Pennyworth doesn’t work for free. A fine butler can cost up to $200,000. Or you can train yourself.