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Back in Black Pt.2

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9 Subtle Life References as Provided by Car Culture

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from a blog I found

1. A man with multiple cars is probably the closest thing to legal polygamy. The daily driver may not be the prettiest thing in the world, but it’s the one you love because it’s reliable and always there for you. The weekend car is sexy, provocative and exhilarating, but super expensive in every essence of the word. The track-only car is enthralling but you tire long before it does and its likely far beyond your abilities, and that’s just in bed.

2. Pure show cars are like fake tits, exciting, alluring and oh so ever tempting. But the love affair ends with admiring them superficially. Anything more and you realize they’re not practical and sometimes not even functional. Scary.

3. Supercars are like super hot women. They’re designed to do one thing and one thing only, but boy do they do it well. Multi-faceted specimens are few and far between. Take such anomaly Natalie Portman for example, she looks the way she does and graduated from Harvard..? Start feeling inadequate now.

4. Finding out the GTR was coming to America was like finding out the hot-girl-from-work you thought was interested actually invites anyone out to lunch, even tool-from-work-that-everyone-hates. And you thought you were special. Bummer.

5. Having excessive money is a catalyst for obtaining impressive cars, as it is for obtaining impressive women. But it’s painstakingly obvious in both cases that no amount of money can doff the neon douchebag sign from above Mr. Leeching-From-The-Parents’-Trust-Fund’s head.

6. Often times guys want cars/girls because they’re hot, not taking into account that they’re also high maintenance and, more than likely, painfully dense.

7. Boys who weren’t breastfed as infants are always self-proclaimed experts on cars. Also interchangeable with “cars” is “women.” Then again, it’s hard to find something interchangeable with “cars” which makes that statement false..

8. Putting a bodykit on an Altima is like putting a prostitute in a white dress. It changes nothing.

9. Seeing an Asian kid with an Impala or a Black guy with a Civic is as surprising as seeing a Middle Eastern guy with a Black girl. I’m just saying.

Expression Crew

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Championship White

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Z31 sleeper

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RAUH-Welt convoy

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Team Burst

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besides Pink Godzira, Grip Gambler, and Risky Devil as three of my favorite grassroots drift teams in the US
there is one grassroots drift team in Japan that really sticks out to me.
yup, you guessed it. Team Burst.

courtesy goes to Martin in POWERED BY MAX for translating and scanning the article of Team Burst from Drift Tengoku Magazine.

“Night Walkers = Takahashi, Night zone = Utsumi, Laugh = Tanaka, etc.. legends who set the standard in team drifting. Now days when alot of people only drift at the race track and competitions, we’ve forgotten the meaning of Hashiriya.(a person who dedicated his or her life in cars and driving) Driving by your self is cool but there is certain respect in people who drives in team………”

Naoki Nakamura (PS13) , 23 years old who is the team leader of team Burst. Burst Started 5 years ago with only 3 members in Nara touge. Now Burst has 12 members. Every burst members started as rivals, they became friends by battling their local touge. Naoki says”age dont matter, fun thing is always funner with friends”
Engine: TD06H-20g turbo, BNRfuel pump, nismo 550cc injectors, Z32 air flow metor, yashio factory radiator, R gray computer- fuel tuned to the car, 1.2KG boost(400 HP), silk road clutch, kaaz 2way, 4.6 final gear
Suspension: D-Max F;8Kg R;6Kg
Interior&Exterior: Finnalconexion aero, supermade rearspoiler, D-Max hood/fender, 9point rollbar, self made gullwing, burst original steering wheeel.
Tire&Wheel: F; AzinisST115(215/40-17) VS-KF (9j 17 off+3)
R: RE01 (225/45-17) VS-KF (9.5j 17 off-11)

Naoki explains about their car making style as “we want to make cars that every one can recognize, you can have a clean looking car but might all look the same.” he also says Burst color became metallic purple/pink because when he first met Akihito Fujio, who is his life long rival as well as friend, another Burst member, he had all pink car originally. after their battle they came to a conclusion that they both respect each other that they wanted to merge two styles together.

Akihito Fujio (PS13). he met Nakamura at age 19, battle him at their local touge. Now he leads the team drifting in the front for Burst. His machine making is 180 degrees opposite from Naoki’s S13. Compare to Naoki”s 400Hp 17 VS-KFis, his motor is only putting out 300 HP, with 15’s, and 4.1 final gear. Akihito” secret is the combination of 15″s with 4.1 final drive. He says that he can keep up with Naoki, its cheaper, can stay in 2 gear longer where you normally need to be in 3rd, and style of over fenders.

Engine: S15 turbo, BNR32fuel pump, nismo 550cc, Z32 airflow, Power fc(1kg)300hp, unknown LSD, 4.1 final gear.

Suspension: D-Max(F8kg/R6kg)

Interior&Exterior: finnal connextion aero, D-Maxhood-/fenders, Nobutaka SPL rearfender.

Tire&Wheel: F;Potenza G3 (205/60-15) Lonshan(9.5j-15 off -26)
R;any tire (205/60-15) Lonshan (10j-15 off-40)
Takashi Yamamoto (S14 180face) Takashi met team Burst at Nasaka Sports land(race tarack), he was obsessed with going to the track every day, well Akihito from team Burst was there every day too, Takashi thought “what kind of fool goes to the track every weeked?”, in realty they were both there every day thinking the same thing. he has been drifting for 5years, he still goes drifting 5 days a week. 

Engine:Rx-6 turbo, tomei cams(IN/EX256degrees), BNR32 fuel pump, 550cc injectors, Z32 air flow, Boost1.2kg(400hp), Osclutch, kaaz 2 way, 4.3 final gear.

Suspension; RG(F11kg R9kg) 

Interior & Exterior: Gp sports front bumper, / side step, M- sports rear, supermade rear spoiller, hot roard hood, M-company front fenders, safty21 7 point roll cage.

Tire & Wheel: F; potenza RE01R (215/40-17) AVS model5 (9j-17 off +22 with 20 mil spacer)
R; ss595 (235/40-17) AVS model5 (9j-17 off+22 with 25 mil spacer)
Hisanori Kurakawa (PS13), he is known as the master welder, he started the trend to tuck the intercooler so when you hit each other you have less chance with troubles. when you tuck your interceder closer to the radiator, your piping is shorter and gives you more response. He has build practically all team Burst’s members intercooler set ups and other fabrications. Especially with this reason, he is the key person in this crew. 

Engine: TD06-20G turbo, Z32 air flow, HPI intercooler, power FC, Boost 1.2kg, Nismo clutch/ LSD, 4.1 final gear.

Suspension: Silkroad (F10kg, R8kg) 

Tire & Wheel: F; ProxisR1R (215/45-17) work ikusa 9j-17 off+8
R; ProxisR1R (255/40-17) work ikusa 10j-17 off+5

Kenchi Ueshima (S14 s15face), he has the cleanest car in team Burst. He says that his clean car is essential for contrasting the other cars of team Burst. He drives in the 3rd position of team drifting, he has a reputation of consistency. His most proud modification is his front wheel tubing, he says that at any tire angle, his front tires wont hit anything, which helps him to be consistent and not spin out.

Engine: RX-6 turbo, tomei cams(in/ex256 degrees) fully buit head, nismo fuel pump, sard 850cc injectos, Z32 air flow, Power Fc (1.5kg)

Suspension: Origin (F8kg R6kg)

Interior&Exterior: Origin full aero, Front wheel housing tub, full stitch weld.

Tire&Wheel: F; Advan neova(235/40-18) gramlights 57S (10j-18 off+5)
R: Proxis R1R(255/40-18) gramlights 57S(10j-18 off +o with 25 mil spacer)

“MOAR” you say? 

Nakamura’s new coupe

every time I see this video, all I have to say is “HOLY FUCK…he isn’t spinning out” 


I still have MOAR

Team Burst at MSC Challenge
1:27-1:35, 2:23-2:31, 2:47-2:54, 4:14-4:18

Meihan Sportland Practice Day

Tra-Kyoto 6666

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looks like they replaced the BBSes

things I love about this: 
B: They take their pics at the same gas station every time. 
E: All of the above.

how my Kouki would look like

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except I have no Kouki
enjoy :)


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