things you should know…

about this picture

1. Ken Nomura aka Nomuken is driving
2. the URAS kit on the ER34 looks damn nice
3. there is a knife on his rear bumper
4. mhm, he just cut that bottle in half.  

so who/what is URAS?

URAS was first established in 1996 by Ken Nomura. Currently we are a drift specific brand and develop unique and trend setting aero kits for the drift scene. We also produce and sell complimentary drift parts such as suspension parts, brakes, exhaust systems, etc. Our goal is to increase worldwide recognition of URAS and Mr. Nomura as well as continue to grow the already dedicated following of URAS here in the US. 

he may be silly as hell but he is also known to be the smoke king for his ER34.
in this video, he is teaching Takeshi Haruyama. 

his silly antics can be seen here

P.S. the twins are HOT. haha.


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