lack of updates

sorry all if anyone has been browsing through my blog

a lot has happened over the past few weeks.

-school started
-The Big Bang Theory/How I Met Your Mother/The Office started off well…
as for Knight Rider…..LAME.

-Hideki Tanabe, founder of Powerhouse Amuse passed away. Rest in Peace.

some may recall the Carbonized R34 aka the Amuse Carbon R.
this was one of many Tanabe’s personal machines.

“It’s unmistaken that the RB26DETT is one of the greatest pieces of machinery ever built. However, the chassis that carries one of Nissan’s most coveted creation weighs in at over 3300 pounds; it serves as a great opportunity to shave some weight. By doing so, 120% of the potential of the RB26 can be extracted because of the ultra lightweight GT-R body. This is the dream machine that I have been lusting for a long time.” Claims Mr. Tanabe from Amuse, proudly speaking alongside the Carbon R. Option Magazine (Aug. 2006)

some of his other cars include the Amuse S2000 Touge Monster (Orange)

Js Racing vs. Amuse S2000 Touge Monster

Amuse S2000 GT1

the Fairlady Z CSL

Fairlady Z Superleggera

Amuse Phantom R35 GTR

saving the best for last. Ericsson E92 M3

^there is “burnt” Titanium/fake “burnt” Titanium look and also HOLY FUCK, look at that Titanium O_O
this belongs in HOLY FUCK, look at that Titanium O_O

-Went to The Woody Show Suck It In 08 Campaign @ Falafel Drive In.

met Woody, Tony, Ravey, Greg, White Menace, and Katie the HOT phone screener. haha
it was also my first time trying a Falafel. damn, it was GOOD.
got some free stuff including their autographs in a Suck It in 08 lawn banner.


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