10 ways to save time/so called habits of annoying bloggers

with my 2 cents.

10 ways to save time (found on Jeff Staple’s blog)

• Watch television on the web – the problem with television is that you had to watch TV shows when they want you to watch them. Now with the technology advancements most entertainment channels like NBC, FOX, CW, and even a few cable networks let you watch your favorite TV shows online. It is free, you can watch the shows when you want to, and an hour show usually ends up being 45 minutes because there are a lot less commercials. [also convenient if you happened to miss a certain show]

• Sleep more – if you learn to take power naps, you will have more energy throughout the day. Although you may lose some time from napping, you will be able to work more efficiently, which will give you more time. [personally, I think I nap a bit TOO long but napping is worth it]

• Eat healthy meals – changing your diet maybe hard at first, but eating balanced meals will affect how you do your daily tasks. It will give you more energy so you can get your work done faster. [moderation moderation moderation]

• Do less work – a lot of the things you do on a daily basis, don’t need to be done. Think about your daily routine and cut out anything that isn’t essential. You will be surprised on how much time you are wasting. [do less work? that depends on which job you have]

• Tell people what’s on your mind – being honest and to the point is a great way to accomplish things quicker. When you beat around the bush things don’t get accomplished as fast. Just think about boardroom meetings, people are hesitant to say what is on their mind, which causes meetings to drag on forever. [hmmm, interesting]

• Have some fun – all work and no play is a good way to make you feel depressed. Get some fun into your life, it will make you feel better, work harder, and hopefully make you want to accomplish your dreams. [once again, moderation moderation moderation]

• Adjust your working hours – many companies are very flexible on what times you can start and end work. If you work in a heavy traffic city such as Los Angeles you can easily spend an hour or 2 commuting to work during rush hour. But if you adjust your working hours you can cut back on driving time drastically. []

• Cut down on your communication methods – cell phones, email, and instant messaging are just a few tools you probably use to communicate with others. The problem with some of these methods is that they can easily be abused. For example if you log onto AIM, you may waste an hour talking to others about junk. Try and use communication tools like AIM only when you need them. [I guess I only talk on AIM when something interesting/weird happens]

• Don’t multi-task – when you mult-task you tend to switch between what you should be doing and what you shouldn’t. By single tasking you are more likely to do what you are supposed to be doing. [true, I single-task]

• Get rid of distractions – things you may not be thinking of can be distractions. Whether it is gadgets or even checking emails every 5 minutes, this can all distract you. By getting rid or distractions or controlling them, you will have more time on your hands. [my laptop is somewhat of a distraction]

10 habits of annoying bloggers

  1. Bloggers who don’t enable comments on their blogs. [my blog wasn’t made for commenting + it would be comments I would pretty much expect. “oh shit thats car is awesome”/”I don’t like it but it’s still a great car etc.]
  2. Bloggers who rarely produce original content, instead simply aggregating links to other blogs that I already read. [its hard trying to find original content, especially for a car blog unless you have your own digicam or have great photography skills i.e. Auto Otaku=original ish right there]
  3. Bloggers who spend more time blogging about blogging than anything else. [not in this blog, well, sometimes only if certain things pissed me off. thats about it really.]
  4. Bloggers who are FontBitches and don’t care. [LOL WUT?]
  5. Bloggers who don’t provide any “about me” info on their blog, or pointers to it elsewhere on their site. I like to know more about the people I’m reading. [I thought the title and the header gave it away + I don’t think people REALLY need to know “about me”. not in this blog. maybe my other one if I was working on a 240sx] 
  6. Bloggers who don’t provide a blogroll. [maybe they like to keep their list private?]
  7. Bloggers who post excuses for not posting. I don’t care if you’re busy today. If you’re not posting, fine. I’ll just assume you had other things to do. [we all have excuses]
  8. Bloggers who react but rarely act. Commenting on what other people say or do is interesting, but I’m annoyed by folks who never seem to have original material. (Yes, this is like #2 but it’s not quite the same.) [car blogs=hard to find material]
  9. Bloggers who don’t provide obvious RSS links for their blog. Yes, I know that RSS auto-discovery is great, but not all tools do it. [hmm?]
  10. Bloggers who have TrackBack but don’t use it. [I don’t see the need to]

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