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Have a great Halloween

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Random Shot #3

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no title needed

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this 180sx speaks for itself


If money was unlimited…

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Spoon Sports Garage

Lamborghini Garage

Quoted for Truth

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I think the issue a lot of times is that owners take shortcuts, make hasty impulse buys, don’t plan ahead for the future, or even have a general “theme” what they are trying to achieve. Take your time, this isn’t a race or competition.


It is very saddening when I see people treating their S chassis (whether its a daily driver or track car) poorly…take pride in your car, make it look nicer than when you found it.


Money isn’t the answer either…you don’t need a lot of money to do a car “right.” Just takes time, patience, research, and waiting for the right deal to come along. I’m not hating, I’m just saying that there are a ton of people here to help, sometimes you just gotta ask.

This quote doesn’t apply JUST to S-chassis owners. It pretty much applies to ANYONE looking to modify their car. I think the only reason why show cars look ugly as fuck is because of a damn schedule that certain sponsors want to keep. But hey, thats just me. Different strokes for Different folks. 

I’ll use an example between 2 different owners.
Both are S-chassis fastbacks in the same color
Both are in Zilvia  

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit A:
I see a theme, a theme on the appreciation of Japanese drift cars + styling cues.
+1 on 326 Power + DG-5 


Exhibit B:
Just shit thrown in on what’s “HOT”, body line is off, offset is OFF, Japanese plate has GOT TO GO including the spoiler, UGLY execution of strawberry face, and Lambo doors=So played out that Lambos don’t even have them. And dude, if you are reading this. QUIT WHORING OUT YOUR CAR ON NICO/ZILVIA. NO ONE GIVES A FUCK. THERE IS A REASON WHY YOUR CAR IS IN THE BACK OF MODIFIED MAG AND NOT IN THE FRONT.

P.S. that Wakaba badge has got to go. You are not in Japan n00b. THIS IS AMERICA.

more Irony. 

see what alot of you ppl are forgetting, is to factor in the brand name. look at Greddy for example. the reason they went bankrupt is these knockoff companies. offering a product with the same (or lower in some instances) performance/quality for a way lower price.i have no problem rocking megan anything. they are an exact copy of alot of the parts made by a higher end company. dont get me wrong, im not some kid on a mcdonalds budget either (i make 140k+ a year) i just have other priorities to spend my money on. so i am building on a budget.

I agree suspension is an uber important part, and you definatley dont want to skimp on it, but hey. do as someone else said. go to a machine shop and have a megan/circut sports/ebay RUCA and a SPL ruca tested. i wouldnt doubt they are all close.

Get whatever brand you decide on. just remember, alot of times your paying for the brand name too.

personally im going with the kit on ebay for $300, by godspeed.

LOL WUT? You make $140K/Yr. I’m very aware of your “budget”. If you have a family, I understand but in my opinion, I still wouldn’t settle for cheap shit and damn $300 for coilovers. Unless you mean sway bars + camber arm + toe arm + pillow tension rods in the eBay listing. $300 for all that? NO THANK YOU. Godspeed sells their coilovers for $600? get the fuck out of here. What if you need to replace springs or dampers? oh wait, no replacements! FUCKING SCREWED DUDE. Godspeed makes fake shit, look into it. $80 BOVs and $120 wastegates. Their quality looks cheap as fuck, plus if the price is TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. DON’T BUY IT. And if you NEVER heard of that brand, DON’T BUY IT. my .02. (unless you are new to the scene, RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH)


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