Don’t buy into it.

Lower your expectations then decide for yourself. You’ll thank me.

If something lives up to it, great. Just don’t argue constantly with someone online who don’t understand what you are thinking or thinks differently.

Sema=Mase? wtf do you mean?

Technologically, it will be cool but not so Aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

hence being sprayed with mace. looking at some of the cars will make your eyes sting.

It’s no Tokyo Auto Salon and I don’t expect fully modified GTRs inside and out.

Do I expect ugly ones? YES.


Come on now, you’ve accused Nissan of “cheating” at the Ring. so you bought yourselves a GTR to test out at the Ring. You drove it like a Porsche and you got Porsche results. They also gave 2nd video results from Best Motoring, and the 2 tires they used which is also in the production model. So Nissan gave you a double whammy by giving your drivers tips to bring out the WHOLE potential of the GTR for FREE but you won’t budge. Get your head out of your ass including your own arrogance, give it a shot, learn from Kazutoshi Mizuno and bring a translator with you.

Inside Line says: “Here’s more proof that high-performance cars can make even engineers from the world’s most sophisticated car companies act like scruffy teenagers in high-school auto shop.” — Kelly Toepke, News Editor

I’m sure many are aware with the issue that one GTR owner had with his transmission. He used launch control with Vehicle Dynamic Control OFF for quite a while but Nissan won’t replace it because it is CLEARLY stated that Nissan won’t cover it with its warranty. Obviously there are few things missing
1) How many times has he launched it?
2) If Nissan won’t budge, they might as well beef up their transmission.
3)”That said, we’re also not exactly sure how delicate these GT-R transmissions are. If Nissan had any idea that its Launch Control function could damage the car, it should have built a system that could protect itself. Take the new Porsche 911 and its PDK dual-clutch transmission that also has Launch Control. The new Porsche will let you rip off about a dozen runs in a row before a dashboard light illuminates and the ECU limits engine power until everything cools off. Why can’t the GT-R watch out for itself like that?” -Autoblog

Oh yeah, also. I hate black boxes. you know, the ones that track your car to see what you’ve done over the past few months. The GTR has it. It’s only a double edged sword.
1) Wasn’t the GTR meant to be driven HARD?
Sure, some might say it does the driving for you but I wouldn’t mind driving it hard.
2) Let’s say that you DID take it to the track and black box shows what you’ve done over the past few days from the reading that the mechanic looks at and your schedule for tune-up is ready. He looks at your reading and declines to tune it up for you. YOU ARE FUCKED.

“The singular thing people need to remember is that using launch control does not void the warranty – The warranty clause regarding the operation of the vehicle with VDC turned off states that Nissan will not cover damage or failures of otherwise covered components, IF it can be determined that the use of launch control led or contributed to the failure. The act of using launch control (which requires turning off the VDC) will not automatically void the vehicle warranty. Simply put, the warranty outlines that failures or damage resulting from things such as misuse, accidents, non-factory modifications, etc. are not covered under the factory warranty.

Further, the warranty states that VDC should only be turned off to help when rocking the vehicle when stuck in mud or snow.

Nissan will not void the entire warranty on any of our cars based on one specific issue of one specific component or system, however, a part or system won’t be covered under warranty if Nissan determines that the failure was as a result of misuse, modifications, etc. (as mentioned above).” -NAGTROC

I write, YOU decide.

Warranty is settled now. & for SEMA. Why is INOVIT Engineering there with their RAVS Engineering wheels? ick…


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