the most underappreciated 240sx

KA24E 2.4L SOHC 
stock cam, everyone was out of stock on street spec cams :(
aftermarket sandcast, heat coated pistons (…i think, cant remember
shot peened rods
nismo 4-2-1 ceramic coated header
“custom” short ram air intake (honda accord intake sawed in half)
platinum-iridium spark plugs
EGR and AIV systems removed.
exedy clutch
nismo short shifter

Kei office XR coilover (inverted) 9kg/mm springs
JIC carbon wrapped strut tower bar
energy suspension sway bar bushings

kei office upper pillowball mounts and 7kg/mm springs on some random $40 dampers (until i find someone to rebuild discontinued coilovers.)
JIC rear toe control arms.
JIC carbon strut tower bar
generic bars connecting the b-pillar to the strut towers.

wheels (at the present moment)
front: 15x10JJ-45
tires: 205/50 mastercraft avengers

rear: 15x10JJ-35
tires: 205/65 BF goodrich touring somethings

JDM 180sx front calipers
USDM 93-01 Altima ceramic pads
93-01 Altima cross drilled/slotted rotors
stock USDM 240SX calipers
semi-metallic pads
cross drilled/slotted rotors

nardi classic steering wheel
NRG quick release
Boss hub and 10mm spacer
Bride Pro bucket seat
RCI 3in. 4point harness
dash, center console, heater core removed.
battery box relocated to passenger side rear “seat”
$50 radio
shifter extension x2
hurst t-handle shift knob
180sx floormats.

frp front and rear aero, no idea what name/brand.
urethane side skirts

cheap-O fog/driving-lights for headlights

silvia s13 hood
240sx fenders
b-wave wangan wing
jun copy fender flares
rear over fenders
border copy “z-pillars”

The gray stuff was all rattle can flat black at some point. i only washed the car once in the 5 or so years that i’ve owned it (it was for a charity carwash for a girl that passed away). whenever a new exterior piece gets added it gets a fresh coat of flat black, then never gets touched again.

the “skull” is a 2 year old egg stain, which i decorated with more flat black.

future plans:
subaru style roof scoop and rallye roof vent(s)
rally light bar up front

later later:
Chevy V8 LS1(and a matching set of pipes for the other side)
flame throwers
roll cage
16×10 and 16×14 extended steelies


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