fitment, this is how you do it.

Respect a man’s car and the man respects you.
If you don’t, you can go fuck off.

Soo I went out to a car meet tonight, which apparently was a waste of time and was nothing but a headache. I have to say I’m so fed up with the car scene, 99% of the people have no idea what they are doing and are complete tools. As usual the minute I pull up people are drooling over my fitment, which doesn’t bother me after all the hard work making it happen it’s nice for it to be appreciated. But the fact that almost every single person who walks up to my car attempts to jamb their fingers between my fenders and my tire is really getting old. I just took some pictures today and I was very very happy with my fenders even after I pulled them almost 2 inches but of course that couldn’t last. I walked away from my car for 2 minutes and noticed a group of about 10 people gathered around my drivers front fender so I go back and I notice a large chuck of paint missing. Yes the metal had a crack in it, but the [freak]ing paint was completely intact, someone pulled a large chip of paint right off my fender. It’s honestly making me sick right now, I spent countless hour working on my fenders to keep the paint good and some asshole ruins. PLEASE everyone don’t touch or god forbid lean on another man’s vehicle, have some respect. I’m now forced to put a band aid over my once perfect fender becasue there is bare metal showing. All these kids fail so hard, their cars all suck and they all love their street racing and straight line pulls. Straight lines are for fast cars, Corners are for fast drivers!!! Has anyone else noticed this complete lack of respect for the time put into your car by people putting their hands all over it? It’s a shame because once in a while I meet some cool people who know what they are doing, I guess thats only going to happen at the track from now on.

A few hours ago I had paint where there is none now. 

P.S. I’m not the owner of the S14 you see here, except I hate douchebags who go batshit fanboyism crazy while not respecting the owner’s property. That fender you tried to tuck under with your hand isn’t yours bitch. Would YOU like it if I went batshit crazy over your car? of course NOT. YES YOU, the 10 batshit crazy. CALM DOWN and if you aren’t the owner, then don’t touch it.


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