Sport Compact Car gets the ax…..

I resubscribed to them back when my younger bro was having a magazine drive for his school. Was looking forward to new stuff to learn. Now they are DONE? WTF is going on. well, Turbo also got the ax, now SCC and I’m sure there will be others who will get axed…. 
I hope I find a replacement magazine soon and Primedia pretty much owned Turbo and SCC.
Primedia/Source Interlink Media also owns the rest of these magazines. So one or some will eventually get AXED…
– Car Audio and Electronics
– European Car
– Eurotuner
– Honda Tuning
– Import Tuner
– Modified
Modified:Luxury and Exotics
– Project Car
– Siphon
Sport Compact Car
– Super Street
Turbo & High-Tech Performance 
Who knew..they also own Automobile Mag and Motor Trend.

I’m going to miss the Ultimate Street Car Challenges and the technical articles and tuning advice.
Good luck to the employees out there. Godspeed.
Note: Your last issue of SCC will be mailed out in early Feb.
(I hope some of the magazines come to my mailbox)


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