I told you so…

The only thing I know so far is that the owner was driving on interstate 80 and half of his hood flew off. 
The manufacturer of this hood right now is unknown…


Don’t settle for less or shit like this happens.
I hope no one on the interstate got injured from a flying hood.
Hate to say it, but I told you so…..

BUT it turns out the hood was unlatched and untied…

aight i dont like hood pins so i tie my hood down with wires just in case. well today at work i was gonna test my starter alternator and battery. so i popped my hood latch and untied the wire. thats when a **** load of customers came in and distracted the **** out of me. Time to go home from work, i forgot that i left everything untied and unlatched in the parking lot. 10 second onto the freeway and the hood goes flying into the windshield. THANK GOD THE WINDSHIELD DIDN’T shatter. pulled over put the hood down tied it down. noticed a little fraying from the edge of the hood and didnt think too much about it. 15 more minutes down the freeway all of a sudden the top half of the hood goes flying over my head. I said screw it, kept driving and said what can I do about it now? 

even if you don’t like hood pins, you still NEED them. 
or just get a OEM hood.


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