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Original Rotary and the Rest

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FOR SALE: Recaro Pole Position

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a friend of mine is selling his Recaros for $550 [with s13 NAGISA rails]
contact him at if you are interested.
(I wouldn’t recommend it if you don’t have the cash and still e-mail him. Thats just a waste of time. I’ve dealt with buyers like that, NOT COOL.)


Miss Murder [SC400]

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Stuntin like my daddy…..NOT

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-Novistar posts up how he teaches people how to learn stunts on a sportbike for $50/hr
-Idol Riders go and confront him because a pic of him stunting is NOT Novistar.
-After their “lessons” they call Novistar out.
-Novistar goes e-thug.
-Posts on YouTube. [Thinks he is so famous.] So easy to find the vid. Just look up Craigslist Stunt Police then find the vid with 1 star.
-People get a hold of his myspace/contact info
-Photoshopping etc.

Originally Posted by novistar View Post
i contacted my lawyer cause im filthy rich and live in el dorado hills and he is in the process of taking legal actions against all the idol riders posted on the idol ride website mr blakk mike on the bike sick rick joe dirt and nac nac i have all your names and address of your myspace and website and i have we have submitted charges to the sac county da and we will be filling or charges and lawsuit in a federal court the video is being removed from vimeo for copy right infringement because it has video of me without my written consent and all your posting on this site are being monitored to be brought forth as evidence to support or case in court i have all the emails and posts you guys have send me and i have recorded them as slangering my good name and harashment so i will see you all in court soon and im going to put leans on your house and everything else you own so see you soon dont be mad cause all you fools are haters and you are broke as fuck hit me up when you got money i didnt see a single one of you on a bike new then 03 and that wasnt salvaged title lol bbroke ass hater you aint ever gonna be shit while im steady rich check out my myspace bitch i got 6 bikes every year gsxr for 04 up 2 kawis a r1 an s2000 brand new full built sti and a range rover what yall niggas got and im only 20 bitch im obiviously doing something alot more successfull then you check out the pics on myspace of my helmet with like $50 next it and a couple P’s im a boss your shits week and youll never bee shit you guys are the really internet gangsters and pussies i will meet up with you guys anytime of day or night by my self and i WRECK ANYBODY YOU CAN BRING AND THATS WSUP HOMEBOY YOU DONT KNOW ME YOU DONT KNOW SHIT LETS MEET UP AND SETTLE THIS ALL YOU LITTLE BROKE BITCHES AND YOUR UGLY ASS SLUTS HAVE FUN LIVEN IN THE GHETTOhit me up 916-xxx-xxxx lets gooooo
The guy acts so tough online but on the vid, it’s the opposite. The Idol Rider who called him out should have just made him shit in his pants.
What do I think? Just another phony like FreshFail and a mix of Squid wrapped in one.
Oh yeah, and a new phrase.


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not staged, its legit.

separated from birth pt.3

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subtle differences: try to find them. ;)

Photo creds:Driftfotos/Speedhunters

This is why we can’t have nice things

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fucking thieves ruin everything.

You spent a whole lot of deal taking great care and maintenance towards your car, then all of a sudden, a fucking asshole swoops it.


Contact Info:
Robert Co (owner of AZN Motorsports in Vallejo)
Tel. (707) 643-2278

1986 Toyota Corolla GT-S (AE86)
Color: White
Upgraded parts:
– Carbon fiber hood
– Authentic 15 inch Watanabes
– Rare Falcon steering wheel
– Front & rear Kouki bumpers
– Cusco rollcage
– TRD seats
– TAKATA Harnesses
– Kouki (redline) taillights
– Full cusco suspension
– 4age (redtop) engine with mikuni 44 carbs set-up
– Very clean inside/out including the underchassis

Anyone that lives in Vallejo or around the area, please be on the lookout.
I found this on JDM EGO/HellaFlush/Fatlace blogs.
I may not know the owner but I would be pissed off if someone took my pride and joy away from me especially when I invested my time and effort while those fucks didn’t do jack shit.

This information here is worth reading your time if you don’t want to get your ride stolen.

That is crazy. Listen, I’ve been a victim of auto theft two times. I got my supra 2jz back, yet my itr was stripped. From experience I did my own investigation, and found the bastards and how they were able to steal my cars. I’m more knowledgable than the detectives so I’m going to give you my tips.

1. first off was your car a daily driver. If so they followed you to your house. Then they stalked you, and found out when you were not at your house.

2. 100 percent of the time they know where you hang out, and who you talk to; therefore someone told them how to get in your house or driveway, it’s usually a team effort. Case in point, my supra was stolen by a guy that had family right down the street from me. My integra was stolen from a store and the idiots where always seen at the place i frequent on my time off. They talk to people you know, and ask questions to get the needed info to jack your ride. They come prepaired with keys, extra steering wheels, and ultimately tow trucks. They can easily get your vin number from the windshield(pics), pose as car mechanics and ask dealers to cut key codes for your cars in which gives them access to the doors and ignition.

3. Check around the block, usually the case is if someone local did it, which is about 99 percent of the time, your ride is taken to another neighboring hood and parked there during the day, and driven in the night. Krooks are dumb so they need to impress people. My cars where found in neighboring towns. I.e. Chatsworth, found in Reseda. If your neighborhood is nice and quiet, think about the neighborhoods next to you that are shitty, and make a grid of the streets and patrol them with your buddy’s during the day. Since these shit bags don’t have jobs, they sleep all day.

4. Check vocational schools that have auto programs near where you live. Most of these guys dream about nice rides so they usually take cars to auto shops from school and leave them there since its gated. Check community colleges, and late night meets.

5.Be prepared once the fucks are caught. 100 percent of the time they will get off easy because they use the excuse of “someone gave me the car” therefore, the Judicial systems marks it as joyriding, instead of the felony of Grand theft.

6. My advice find your car, don’t call the police right away just plan something so when they get there they could pin the dicks to the wall , which will give your case more attention, and then set these faggots up for bigtime state pen.

7. Since your car was taken from your garage, remember anyone working on your garage door or asking what kind of garage door opener do you have? Usually those things come with internal switches that can be programed like yours, and presto it will open your door even if they are driving around; like i said earlier, they work in teams, driver, getaway driver, and the look outs. I kid you not these worms will try there best to weasel there way out once they are caught, so punish them when they try. Hope for the best. I’ll keep a eye out.