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Throwback: Fluke 180sx

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=West Coast for the famous All Star Bash. [the best grassroots drifting event.]
All Star Bash is like Kaba Modern->Always imitated, Never duplicated

NO Political Bullshit
NO drifting judges
NO drama
JUST drive, have fun, and meet new people.

Hey guys,

BH sez… We should start a ASB fund, so Chicago sez, sure why not.


Finally, we bring what everyone been waiting for, Risky Devil vinyl!

Help us Chicago guys get out to ASB, and we will all promise to drive hard,
and make people happy, cuz really we do it for you guys… Aw. Also this
helps T2 Films get out there also, so there will be dope video coverage!

and… Infamous Grip Gamblers Simba, and Lil Phil. We’re all making the long haul

**** NEW DESIGN COMING SOON! Slightly modified. The inners are too flimsy. So don’t worry guys. We will re-do the design and ship out the new batch. email for Questions.****

Color is white only, sorry guys. White keeps the cost down, while being a good contrasting color. Plus looks COOL and its simple.

Sizing is H-3 in x L-9 in. Not too small, not too big.

Donation for (1) Sticker – $5, and (2) for $9.
Also, there will be a silent donation as well, send anything you got and
we will hook you up, the highest donation will get a awesome sticker pack,
signed copy of T2 Films DVD, by TF, Risky Devil, and Grip Gambler members, plus some cool crap we’re still deciding on.

History homies, Lets make it happen

Shipping will be $5, via USPS envelope , so your stickies don’t get damaged.
Paypal –

Don’t forget to leave your name, and full address.

Every batch/wave of stickers will be printed every weekend, so don’t be scared if its delayed. Everyone is going to help make these stickers regardless of the insane schedules we have.

Thanks guys,

-everyone from Risky Devil, Grip Gamblers.

want to drive @ the Ziptied All Star Bash?
Priority registration goes towards Ziptied members->past ASB drivers->You
(I think thats how it goes)
also, no UGLY drift cars.

Ueno’s BMW

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Miss Murder [Literally]

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great things come in pairs

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My hero

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Yoshinori Koguchi.

I will be making a compilation entry from throwback to this time.
lots of videos and pictures. [same idea with team burst entry]
When will I post?

When you least expect it

how LOW can you go?

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yeah, I’m S-chassis biased but I’ll find other platforms that are slammed.

time attack s13

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GTR test car rendering

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Every gearhead’s dream

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with a smaller one to go with it. aka Tea Cup Carts.


but I wouldn’t mind settling for this

If Nakai-san [Rauh Welt] actually got his hands on a Tea Cup Cart, that I wouldn’t mind seeing and the signature widebody RWB flares in compact form.