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damn oil spills…

Posted in Random on April 28, 2009 by Jason

fuck, I shouldn’t have sent that…

Posted in Random on April 26, 2009 by Jason

About TextsFromLastNight

Texts From Last Night (TFLN) was founded in February 2009 by two friends for reasons that may or may not include: the tendency to press send more easily as the night turns to morning, friends social habits, Kwame Kilpatrick, exes, law school, closing down bars and leaving tabs open, general debauchery and/or a common disgust for all the negativity surrounding the “sexting” phenomenon.

We prefer texts, not conversations. We reserve the right to take portions of conversations to post without posting the entire thing. It’s not because the entire thing isn’t funny, but the funniest texts are those we can all relate to, so without the context of the conversation they really become funny.

Our goal is to create a site that was revealing in nature while concealing the identity of everyone involved. This is why we only ask for an area code to accompany your text messages.

We don’t want any texts that are offensive to the point of being viciously personal, racist, exceedingly profane, violent or “too” graphic in nature. It’s a very hard thing to judge, but we’ll do our best.

For more, check out our Terms of Service for full details of our legal policy. If you don’t feel like it, just know that TFLN, our advertisers and anyone who promotes with us is doing so purely for entertainment purposes. In other words, we’re not your parents, your employer or your probation officer. In fact, they probably sent their texts in too.

Welcome to TFLN. Enjoy your infamy.

a match made in heaven

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Hello NSX

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What the fuck?

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So stats are counted by yearly now and no TOTAL sum for however long of a year we had our wordpress blogs?

Or are there updates being made?

Thanks for somewhat freaking me out wordpress. You almost got me there.

Back to normal.

HellaFlush x Venice Beach

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New Kid on the block

Posted in Cars on April 20, 2009 by Jason