Movie Review: Fast & Furious (2009)


Watched it yesterday. The movie was decent, the cars were alright, the plot was more serious and lots of throwback phrases with Dom and Brian. This movie also is a bit more serious with a bit of character development but that should be expected in a movie and not some recycled shit.

Brian Tyler who also did the scoring in Tokyo Drift is back in this one also. I’m sure you can tell when you watch the movie.

Would I recommend this movie to anyone? sure, if they love action and cars being destroyed or exploded.

Whoever wrote the analysis of certain lines for The Fast and The Furious, you don’t analyze these movies. You just watch. End of story.

Acting was alright but then again its a car movie. It’s either raw like Le Mans or decent like this one. The cars are usually the stars.

What about car guys? Well, see it as entertainment even though your dream car’s price will inflate more which will be a bummer and the cars that will be tuned by the new tuners who were inspired by the movie will either look pretty good or pretty shitty. [and the huge flock of fanboys saying stupid shit like “ZOMG!11!! DRIFT!!!”] <-something that most people with drift cars deal with

Look at what happened to the Supra in the first one. And of course the eventual drift tax. Not worried about it though.

and here are some words of wisdom from Zilvia

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Saying you hate the Fast and the Furious because you are a “real car guy” is like a cop saying they hate Miami Vice. Every cop wishes he could live like Don Johnson for a day.

You know you fucking love these movies deep down and wish your pitiful rides were in it.

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If you have an interest in seeing the movie, which I know you do, just go see it.

I’m not ashamed to say that I wanted to see this movie once I heard about it.

Stop being so fucking serious, it’s Hollywood, its fun to see all the stuff that only people like us would notice.

Remember guys, they don’t make love stories for people that have been in crazy love situations, they don’t make action movies for people that have been in real life crisis, and they don’t make car movies for car guys.

Movie studios make movies for the normal average person, so that they can be ENTERTAINED, not enlightened, get over yourselves.

and from Digg.

I like cars. My friends like cars. We like tuning cars. We like these movies because there are tuner cars. I understand the stories suck, but if it was a movie about people using digg with a crappy story, you all would love it regardless due to it’s relativity to you.

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