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innovative or sacrilege?

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I say, why the fuck not.

Merge two different cultures.
(Automotive wise)

Chase Her

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3 wheel drift

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Oldie but a goodie



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I’ve noticed lately a lot more bitterness and hate in comments on my blog or other peoples blogs and I just find it really funny. I just don’t see why. What’s the point? I’m stoked my friends and I keep things positive in our small group. I was  stoked to go to a Evo meet a few weeks back and see old and new faces still keeping car life alive and well and also positive. I get negative just like everyone else because it’s so easy to talk shit. Sometimes making the effort to be positive  is hard and now that their is so many auto forums and blogs to talk shit. It’s 1000% easier to be an ass.  It doesn’t do anything to make things move forward in making friends and dope car builds whether it be for track, show, or whatever. Think for a little bit before you go busting all over the forums and blogs with your infinite knowledge of cool guyness and vast car knowledge. Your not doing anyone any favors.

Stay positive and build your own dope car instead of crying over someone else’s post of their ride, taste, or opinions. I’m gonna try and take my own advice as well and keep things rolling on the positive tip more.


You know what. He makes a good point.
I’ve done WAY too much hating and not enough looking over the positive side of car culture.
Yes, there are bad apples in car culture but all you gotta do is Chuck them out and ignore them.
He’s right. It really doesn’t matter how much car knowledge you have. It’s one of those useless talents. I’ll admit that.
Appreciate diverse thoughts, ideas, innovations & keep the car culture moving forward. Not 2 steps back. This is one solution to the many problems.

If you watch Scrubs, imagine that Dr. Cox is talking to you except in a tuner perspective. [I’ve been watching WAY too much Scrubs this week and Dr. Cox’s rants are funny yet smart at the same time.]
If you are the car enthusiast who support the companies of Seibon, Rotas, eBay etc. It is every right for someone to hate on you. What were you thinking Nancy!? If your excuse is that this is a stepping stone towards tuning. You are damn well stepping in the wrong stone. It is our job as car enthusiasts and as tuners to steer people into the RIGHT direction regardless to whatever the hell it is. No one wants to see some half-assed tuned car. It disgusts them. Every man has a huge EGO, some more than their brains can hold. It’s part of nature to hate on the things that you have that they never acquired or don’t support. All I am saying is newbie, haters can talk out of their asses by however damn well they please and nothing is going to stop them. Live your life with the people you care about and don’t take this whole tuning car thing so seriously. Get it together Nancy.

wedssports mercedes van

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slammed 300

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Z3 & Work Meisters

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BRB [Bonus Random Beemer]


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VIP Style Accord Wagon

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