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Japan Buttigiri Special

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The Devil & The Orange

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Motorcycles do it too?

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doo doo hachi

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What are YOU doing here?

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Snow White Amuse S2000

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What I’ve learned from @PerezHilton

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I’m sure you’ve heard about the incident where Perez got punched in the face. Got a black eye from the Black Eyed Peas Manager. HAHA

I have some advice for you Perez Hilton.

1) If you can’t take the heat, don’t work in the kitchen.
Were you not aware that sooner or later you were going to get burned?

2) Irony is apparently your name of the game.
So which side are you on? You can’t have it both ways and you can’t please EVERYONE.

3) If you plan on destroying everyone’s reputation, the only reputation left to destroy is YOURS.

4) If you ask your twitter followers to call the police for you, you are
a) Attention Whore
b) Lazy Fuck
c) All of the above
Next time, DO IT YOURSELF.

5) Talk Shit->Get Hit
Talk random exaggerated crap->Get Capped.
You should be thankful no mafia was called to confront you or other actors that wanted to do the same. Maybe you need to be shipped to Iran to see how it feels NOW. You crying about getting punched? You should be crying about the other shit that is going on that you obviously aren’t aware of.

6) The only people who will believe you are naive, gossiping, giddy fangirls. They gobble that shit up like its true.
Human being? Dude, you are more heartless than Kanye West’s ex.

7) “I love writing about other people’s drama….I do not want drama in my life.” That’s like an athlete saying “I love it when my other competition get injured…but I do not want to get injured.”
The 5 years worth of writing shit is finally catching up eh?
Life will never give it to you both ways in case you weren’t aware of that.

8) If you plan on talking more shit, don’t live in your own Matrix.
There is no Matrix for you to live in. This is the real world.
Sooner or later, it’s going to catch up to you from behind.
No pun intended.

9) Now from all this heat, you call up your lawyer? Man up Paris.
[Yes, I am calling you by a girl’s name who is also coincidentally your “friend”. You seriously are acting like one.]

10) You make money, I make sense.
Right now, you don’t make any sense.
Why the hell are you bringing up if it happened to a woman’s situation? This was between men. Don’t sidetrack please.
Also why bring God up in your video statement?
Are you a closet Christian?
10a)The Newsweek blog about this doesn’t make any sense either.
Did Hilton’s manager give you free Lady Gaga tickets?
Maturity my ass. I have no idea what world YOU live in but if someone cries in front of the damn camera and starts cussing people out like his usual self, He definitely isn’t keeping his damn composure.

Tomorrow will resume the normal program of autmotive goodness.
On that note, I leave you with this.

Desmond Regamasters RSX

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