Will you relax?

Picture 4
From the Site: http://www.flickr.com/photos/misterand3rson/3621794571/
my buddy pointed this out to me.
apparently here too.

but yeah. they are giving me a hard time about receiving credit, so from now on.
i shall watermark every single image.

please remind me if i didnt.”

Will you relax?

Yes YOU. Mr. Anthony Anderson & Bryant

You are taking 1 step foward and 2 steps back. Let me explain.

1 step forward=Your photo is on HellaFlush
2 steps back=So much butthurt feelings that should be left given to chicks.

Hell, it’s the internet. There are going to be pictures from the shit you photographed onto different forums without realizing it. & some blog posters don’t even know whether or not the picture is or is not copyrighted. Also, if the owner posts it in a public forum, then its fair game. For both the car and the critique of photographer.

Yes, I realize that credit should be given where credit is due but if it was from the owner and he allowed the image to be posted on HellaFlush with the stamp of approval from HellaFlush (that watermark), why the hell are you getting so butthurt about it? Oh right, you think THEY claimed your pic. All they are doing is APPROVING the car IS HellaFlush.
READ the damn sign!

At least be thankful your photography made it onto the HellaFlush site.
What do you think blogs are for? especially automotive ones? To post sick and rad rides with photography that matches it.
Don’t you know the automotive blog circle? Search for cars->Browse though Forums->Post on blog->Search again.
And what is the theme of Fatlace’s HellaFlush? Well, that is self-explanatory and THAT car has right formula.

Get it together Annie & Brianna.
I would start adding fuel to the flame but I won’t.
Quit your internet crying please.
They are flowing down faster than Niagara Falls.
The Lesson? Watermark your shit if you are that sensitive, and if that watermarked image makes it to HellaFlush, be thankful for that too.


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