Oh? Irony Snap!



Isn’t it ironic that WheelDude who posts his pictures on a public forum, doesn’t want bloggers to post his pictures as well?
Well, shit. If you are coming into this industry. Don’t expect everyone to kiss your ass because nobody will. What the hell did you expect? 100% love? You should always expect 30% hate 70% love. If you can’t take the heat, don’t work in the kitchen. Apparently, you CAN’T take the heat but you still want to work in the kitchen so what do you do? You call up the Food & Drug Administration to stop the heat. [http://forums.evolutionm.net/evo-x-show-shine/426668-hater-brigade-lockdown-everyone-please-read.html]

Man up Danielle

And don’t you worry about losing sales just because of this post. /sarcasm

You do your shit selling fake rims. I’ll do mine by writing.




^Self-explanatory Irony.
If I have to spell it out for you. JDM EGO plate frame “I </3 YOUR FAKE WHEELS” while rocking Rotas. Illest? More like Idiotic.
I heard this car got sold to a chick. If you are the new owner. Either take the plate frame off or get legit rims and take the WheelDude sticker off.

One last irony. Since most Subie/EVO/350Z owners feel that Volks are rife within the industry. They obviously feel the need to buy up Rotas. Now, look at what people buy. Constant Rotas. Shit, you guys aren’t looking hard enough. There is more to life than Volk Racing. You just haven’t found them yet.

Edit: LULZ, I see this made it to NASIOC. I’m not THAT serious. I’m surprised that you think I’m taking this ish seriously. Fake the funk however long you want, you Subies rocking Rotas ain’t Ken Block when you’re switching out your perfectly fine BBSes for some damn reps talking about horsepower numbers and tracking your precious automobiles. But if you think about it, aren’t YOU the serious ones? I ranted about Rotas…that shit is common to you on daily basis but this one hurt a lot didn’t it?


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