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Passenger side axle broke at the point where the shaft meets the tranny. Convinced my mother to loan me $70 to purchase a new one because I needed it to go to h2oi. Advance overnighted me an axle.

Axle comes in, and gets replaced. Start driving it around and the driver side snaps at the same place.

Go to Ben’s house to pull an axle for free, but it gets stripped out since the car is a rust bucket. Grab the passenger just in case. Get home late and decide I can repair the axle the next day.

Axle is turded and too old to be useful, so I convince my mother to loan me more money to pick up another axle from Bap Geon. Bap drove one from NN that day and got me the axle. Install and finish packing my stuff.

Left for the 150 mile drive at 2am so I wouldn’t cause traffic while driving at 45mph. Only issue is the alternator belt, which came and went and caused me to die twice. A sheriff jumped me once and some nice guy at a gas station helped me the second time. As I pull up the main strip I get pulled over by a SUV for no reason. He said “no mirrors”, but my antique tags have different laws so he writes me a warning for “Failure to drive right of center” and I head toward the hotel. Arrived at Comfort Inn at 6am and fall asleep. Wake up later and general partying ensues. My friends and I notice a strong presence of police officers breaking up peoples meets more than usual (2 years ago for me, so idk). Continue to enjoy the night and fall asleep late.

Friends car broke so the morning was spent tinkering. Went to the BBQ (shit band and overpriced food) and rolled out to go to the Jolly Rogers meet. Drove by the place at 3:30 on the way to pick up the Swagrabbit and it was already broken up by the OCfaggotss. I got the car anyways and drove it to the mk2 meet. Enjoy myself and drive down the strip (15~20mph tops) until Officer Hurrdurr pulls me over for tires sticking beyonf the fender. Writes me a ticket for “Driving unsafe vehicle on highway” and tells me I cannot drive the car tonight, but I was allowed to drive the car back to the hotel. He said if he tow it again that night he would tow it away. He also refused to jumpstart the car under the condition that his car has engine management. Just being a dick in general, so I pull to my hotel and break the oil pan upon entering the parking lot. Take some time for the air ride limbo and then head to Wal-Mart to get some JB weld putty, and just my luck Wal-Mart is closed. Proceed to look for anything that is open at 11pm. No luck. Go back to the parking lot and ask around, and sure enough, someone had some 2 part epoxy in their trunk. I pull my pan in the rain, clean it up and epoxy it shut. Put the pan back on and fall asleep. I STILL HAVE THE MAGLIGHT FROM WHOEVER LENT IT TO ME, PM ME PLEASE SO I CAN SEND IT BACK!!!! Fall asleep and await the show tomorrow.

A friend bought me some oil and we filled the car up. Start driving for the show at 10:20 and get pulled over BY THE SAME OFFICER at 10:30. I didn’t notice, but my oil pan was broken again and leaking. He proceeds to call the fire department because he’s a fucking retard and thought it was gasoline after smelling it, touching it and even me stating that it was my oil pan. Fire dept shows up and they are pretty cool, just throw some fuzzy stuff down to collect the oil and start talking about their cars with me. Officer dicknut proceeds to write me a ticket for the exact same thing as yesterday and takes pictures of the car with his phone again (which I hope was a police phone for evidence, and not his personal phone) all the while giggling with his buddy in street clothes in the passenger seat of his cruiser. Tow truck shows up and I have to help him get it on the truck, he’s just as chill as the fire dept. Officer Tard proceeds to give me back my license and rolls out leaving me on the side of the road with all my baggage. He never once told me WHY my car was unsafe. A friend picks me up at 1:30 and I roll to the show, depressed that my $400 car will now probably be crushed. He never told me where or how to pick it up, but since I don’t have any money I guess it doesn’t matter anyways. Enjoy the show for a bit and head back home to Chesapeake.
Hopefully someone will pick that thing up for $50 from the police auction (if they don’t crush it first) and take care of it. The camber was completely reversible with about 30min of work (a bolt as a spacer in the rear, and a three bolt set up in the front). The car really didn’t have any rust and would be a good car to restore. It will need an oil pan to drive it, but all in all not “unsafe” at all. Plus the car was tagged with antique plates, so it wasn’t illegal either.
As to driving the car, for the 150 mile trip to h2o I had the front at stock camber for the speeds that I was traveling (45~50mph). At h2o I had the crazy camber, but never once did the car exceed 25mph and it was only driven on the strip. People who think it was unsafe are retarded, just like the retards who thought I originally “took out the axle and dropped it” for the camber.


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Rim Tuck Club

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I love Hot Rods & Rat Rods

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Rat rods

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Another RAUH-Welt Porsche

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Automotive Respect

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Regardless of different car cultures, there is one thing in common.

Automotive Respect.

It’s good to see people who have the same drive & passion as you do respect and admire your car when something new is brought onto the table. As Gear-heads, we all pursue to do the same.

Orange Crush [BMW]

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