Follow Up: Hard Life

I’m sure many people are aware of this video that have already made the rounds in various forums and websites.

6 counts of insurance fraud for the GTR driver and 1 count for his sister.

Although cash may be king, I guess the bigger problem here is EGO. Before all this happened, it’s obvious that he bought into the hype of the GTR. A bit too much of it. Not 100% car 0% driver. It should balance out. 50% driver 50% car. If you can’t drive it, why buy it? Oh right. To prove to everyone that you have the fastest car. Apparently lots of shit talking too huh?
“-i remember hearing something about the guy in the r35 bragging about him having a gtr and a whole “awd owns all, I’ll destroy anyone on GMR because its a GTR” mentality, and the EVO came back with a “prove it”…or something along those lines”
I guess whats more lower than that is putting oil around the road/crash site so other people can crash too. That didn’t work out too well huh?
I don’t care how much money your parents make. This isn’t the point of the post. The point is, I suggest you keep your ego and common sense in check. Oh yeah, this isn’t Initial D either.


[Looks like a condensed 2/3rds Nurburgring. Not my problem if you drive a fast car late at night and a cop pulls you over while hiding.] are some lessons that you should already know.
1) Don’t lie to any insurance company. They will track everything down.
2) The cliche but beneficial “take it to the track.”
3) I’m not giving away anything. Cops already camp out there.
Same goes for HWY 9 in NorCal. It’s your decision as to whether or not you plan on driving it like a Touge or just casually.


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