“Rusty” 1985-∞

Many of you may recall that Rusty died on Feb. 5th.

I have some news for you….

It’s back and it’s better than ever before!

Original Thread by M.Burroughs

You can’t keep me down.

There’s something to be said about this community… When I made the previous post about Rusty, I never expected to hear the responses I did… and I certainly didn’t expect it to go viral… but it goes to show that a car can be more than a car.

I started by saying I didn’t want to be “that guy”, but here I am… and I couldn’t be more pleased.

“Redefining” Rusty once again hit me like a ton of bricks… ideas starting flying through my head, and I knew I wanted to pull off more than just “a new paint job”.

Six weeks ago I pulled Rusty’s M30 and gave it to my buddy Webb, knowing Rusty’s heart would go to another car that would push the limits of what we expect….

I dont know where the idea came from (coughjerrycough) but once upon a time, Rusty and I hung out in California, and the thought of tossing a Toyota 1JZ-GTE (that’s a twin-turbo straight six for those who don’t know_ motor in it was bounced around but quickly dismissed… Oh how funny the past can be.

Jerry, aka Handsome.Garage here on the forums is the one who really made this happen. I called him up and said “hey, remember when we said “lets put a 1JZ in Rusty?”… I’m sure that sums up the next few weeks. (I’ll make a build thread, I documented it all, worry not!)

Jerry flew out here to TN and not only built a wiring harness that mated E28 to 1JZ, but this thing started up the first try, immediately.

So I know what you’re asking… what about the damage? To keep things simple, let’s just say there’s some serious bracing between the frame rails now. Some floor pan welding has gone down too.

In short, without Jerry, this wouldn’t have happened. He helped make this go from concept to driving out of state in 6 weeks….

But if a twin-turbo supra motor isn’t enough to bring rusty back to life, Andrew at Open Road Tuning as well as Eddie at BagYard brought their A-Game to the table. I wanted to get lower and after talking to Andrew, he was beyond excited to get involved with StanceWorks and my rebuild of Rusty.

They put together a custom setup for the e28… and all I can say is “wow”. We’ve gotta make a few tweaks to get the frame on the ground, but from nothing to a working one-off set of e28 bags is insane if you ask me.

I’m stoked to get to work on getting the body sub-terrainian.

I wanted new wheels, and Brian at Rotiform had these insane ACS Type 1s… Brian, thanks for the deal and making them happen so quickly.

I guess a build thread is what comes next… but I figured it was time to unveil… time to let the world know that Rusty is back, and this time, we’re not joking around.

Thanks to everyone for the support you gave me throughout this car’s life, and Im stoked to have it back on the road once again…


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