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“Narcissism of Small Differences”

It seems like some people out there can’t tell the difference/think for themselves/jump to conclusions. So, I will lay everything out if you still can’t differentiate between the two websites respectively. This entry is for you if you’ve done any or all of the above. By the time you finish reading this, you might assume that I hate Fatlace. I don’t. I’ve supported both of these sites from the very beginning. I’m just showing you the bigger picture. What sparked me to write this? Just some reading around various forums and/or blogs. This is a response from their statements. You know who you are.

“All ideas are basically stolen. Even if you have a thought that you think is original, it’s not because it came from somewhere or was inspired by something. All ideas are spawned from another idea and changed and progressed into what it becomes.” -LOGO DESIGN GURU

“Every time I think I’ve painted something slightly original, I find out that Blek le Rat has done it as well, only twenty years earlier.” -Banksy

What do these two quotes have to do with anything? A lot of things.
I’ve heard complaints on both sides that “Illest reminds me of Titleist” & “Canibeat reminds me of Supreme” If Mark likes the Titlest logo just as Canibeat members like Supreme, I see no problem in giving a “parody” to the respective logos/artwork. Other clothing brands do this as well.

Without Titleist, there is no Illest.
Without Barbara Kruger, there is no Supreme.
Without Supreme, there is no Canibeat.

Saying that they aren’t allowed to do that is like telling a scriptwriter for a TV show like Chuck to not write any lines/give references from other TV shows/movies. CONTEXT! [You do not see it.]

Titleist=Golf clubs and Golf balls
Illest=Hip Hop Reference
Supreme=Skateboarding Culture
Canibeat=Automotive Culture

But why the Supreme logo?

Do me a favor and go ask Mark where he got inspiration for Illest.
You guys like consistency right? So why the double standard?
IIRC, Fatlace went through the same crap as CIB did regarding the use of logos. Don’t forget where you started from.

I brought up that clothing brands do this as well.
Let’s use the example of Triumvir.

“Used and Abused”
“The message behind this shirt is that, concepts and images have been flipped and re-appropriated over and over again to a point where creativity has been lost until it just becomes Used and Abused. The inspiration behind this piece was taken from the artwork of Barbara Kruger, who is known for “her trademark black letters against a slash of red background…much of her text questions the viewer about feminism, classics, consumerism, and individual autonomy and desire.”

How fitting for this entry.

HellaFlush=“We find nice cars with good fitment and post it… that is all.”
Canibeat=”If it’s proper, it’s on Canibeat.com.”

“Most of you guys are right. I do things I’m really into and many times they’ve happened to be before a trend. It’s not like I’m putting advertising dollars against it, I just do it. Like the guy who said if I was into lamps, I’d come out with a lamp line. Fatlace is all about the culture that surrounds us. Before it was everything that was around me but now, its about the people that make up Fatlace. (The bloggers on the site, the people that make shit happen on the daily.) It’s why we have fun doing the things we do. The sticker thing is a phenomenon I can’t even comprehend but appreciate it.

Here’s a story…
A few years ago (2006), we were headed to get some dinner with the “godfather of Japanese Street Culture”, Hiroshi Fujiwara. (please google him if you don’t know who he is but he’s behind many brands like Bape, Head Porter, Fenom, etc). Hanging out with Hiroshi you learn alot and I’m very honored to be his friend cause he is one of the reasons why I love working. If many of you dont know, I’m a work-a-holic. You can catch me anytime of the day online as my brain doesn’t stop working. ANYWAYS, while we were at dinner, (btw, Hiroshi is a HUGE car nerd which also is the reason why we hang. Most of our conversations are about transportation) I stopped to ask Hiroshi how he connects with the youth being he’s a bit older than many of the people that support him. His answer was real simple.. If you’re into what you’re into, like really into it and you show that passion, then you shouldn’t have to worry about anyone.

If that doesn’t make sense to anyone, then it might just be me but we like to do things cause we’re really into those things. We aren’t a skate team nor are we professional drifters. We just love to do those things that we love doing.” -Mark Arcenal

“Canibeat started off with a few of the guys just hanging out doing the usual. Something that was said as a joke when we saw a hot chick…quickly turned into a phrase for sick cars, clothing and etc…

How the blog started was actually an idea that Cristian (Founder of CIB) brought up and we just went along with it. The name just seemed to fit perfectly with our humor and style. But It actually wasn’t something that we thought of and created the blog that day. If I remember correctly, it was about 2 months later when Cristian, Christopher (Cristian’s twin brother) and I were just hanging out with nothing to do and decided to get this blog rolling. Something that we do on a normal basis, we get to work, hop on the forums and check out all the sick cars that were posted the night before and just basically send links to each other. So why not right?” -Roy Jang

What do these two sites have in common? People buy up their stickers like hotcakes. Nothing wrong with that. One set of group hates it because it’s “trendy” to rock them, the other group mocks the other when they’re just pots calling kettles black. Yes, the same people who say “WTF is Canibeat” are under the same category of people who say “WTF is Illest”. Last time I heard, there are both fanboys that buy up and support. Not one over the other. “No, don’t place us under the same category as Canibeat.” I beg to differ.

As for the plagiarism issue. No one owns the phrase “A car is never too low, it’s the ground that is too high.” If you were selling coilovers with that phrase, then yes. It would be considered infringement. That’s also like myself using the phrase “It’s the bee’s knees.” Everyone uses that phrase and whoever coined the LOW phrase will have to deal with the fact that people are going to start using it in their blog entries.

One of my favorite arguments.
“Canibeat steals pictures and don’t give credit.”
If you want to play specifics, you mean this picture?

Oh hey look!

Why do you think they created the Flickr Group?

As for the watermark issue. Both sites have exclusive photographers. Of course the photos are going to be watermarked. No-brainer. As for THEIR watermark issue. Here are some screencaps ironically from the Tunermaneuvermag.com-PLAGIARISM AT IT’S BEST thread in NWP4LIFE.

As for wanting a “piece of the pie”, IIRC, this is more of a part-time thing for both parties. They both have full-time jobs. This whole blogging deal is just a part-time thing and for FUN. If you don’t like the price of their merchandise, don’t buy it. Simple.
I’m very aware that there has been an influx of automotive blogs and many people want that “piece of the pie”. I guess it depends on your perspective. For myself, I just post cars that I like. It has obviously grown and it opened up doors for me in meeting new people who share the same passion of cars as I do and creating friendships. The same applies to your own blog, Speedhunters, Hellaflush and Canibeat whether you see it or not.

It also seems like that people out there are loosely using the word biter.

BIG difference between biting and inspiration.

If biting is a problem to you, I suggest you tell EVERY BMW owner who has a CSL trunk to stop rocking those, EVERY BMW owner with a LTW wing, EVERY S-chassis owner who rocks Kouki aero w/ or w/o 17/18 TE37 stagger, EVERY VW owner to stop rocking BBS RSes or RMs, EVERYONE that emulates Japanese street style. Or you can tell every songwriter to stop using the same damn 4 chords.

Just kidding, that would be inspiration. Instead….look at your own car. You were inspired by someone else were you not? (Through pictures, videos, car shows, events, meets all around the world.) If you really think about it, tuning is cookie cutting with your own flavor, variation and inspiration. Yeah, that’s a bold statement I’m making but in a worldly perspective, it’s true. I’ll only give you the unique card if a part is one-off for you, produced JUST for you or something VERY rare. Example? Easy. Mike Burroughs’ E28. That car is rife with different automotive cultures/ideas that were done in one.

This. is biting.


Comparing HellaFlush to StanceWorks is like comparing Digg to Reddit. Both bring stance/news content. Some are loyal to one site to the other or both. Digg was launched before Reddit yet content wise, some of Reddit’s material ends up on Digg few days later. It doesn’t hurt to have SOME friendly competition but it’s all for the love of cars especially stance and the stance movement.

Food for thought
Every clothing line has a blog yet one specific blog shouldn’t have a clothing line? Just asking questions. A lawyer never faxed me this memo.
Without Speedhunters/Fatlace/HellaFlush, you wouldn’t be a blogger/photographer for them in the first place. How do you think you got the gig in the first place? Magic? No. Word of mouth and/or connections. No different than Canibeat who pick up exclusive photographers.

This last statement will probably leave you in denial but I will say it. Blog stickers are the new drift team stickers. Obviously Japan has been doing this for a while now. It’s no different that fellow bloggers both big and small make stickers to represent their own site and trade/send stickers among fellow bloggers who support your blog as a way of thanks.

Life is too short to be hating a blog with a “nonsensical” name whose only motive is to showcase automotive photographers and the best tuned automobiles. Sure, they made SOME mistakes at the beginning when they first started. You see them as a threat, I see it as an opportunity to meet new people. A little bit of research goes a long way. At the end of the day, we’re all car guys. Elitism and double standards over a blog is stupid. No matter how much e-fame you have, a blog is still a blog.

**Question & Answer**
So how long will this be up?
Forever. (If something bigger happens then this will go down.) Someone out there WILL think these sites are the same. Obviously they are NOT. If they think they are the same, send them here.

I don’t like their blog names?
No one asked you to take every blog name SERIOUSLY and LITERALLY.
If their name sounds “homo” to you, the only impression I’m getting is that you aren’t secure with your own sexuality.
This user from Zilvia said what needed to be said.

So should I still keep supporting these blogs?
Of course! They find and post material so YOU don’t have to. You should be thankful for that. They both do it, as I stated before, for FUN. Some cats sucking up to them however is a totally different story.


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