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On the Dyno

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Buy a Shirt, Save a Life

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Misconceptions about Stance and the “Scene”

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Most car enthusiasts will know who this is.
For others, I’ll just let you play the guessing game. ;)

The first misconception that I see with the stance scene is that anyone’s car can get featured.  It’s true to a certain extent. The question is what do they look for? Daily drivers or to hardcore fully built inside-out daily drivers? That depends on what stance site you are browsing at. How often they choose to update/choose feature cars is at their own discretion. That discretion is also based on the contributor’s standards and how high or how low they choose to set that standard in their posts.

The second misconception is that in the stance scene is that it’s easy to get e-famous. Now, because of that perception, a lot of the newer generation of tuners want to take the easy way out. (Which is why majority of the “flush” cars you see on aggressive wheel threads are often rocking fake wheels.) Because there is a wide resource of wheel fitment, it’s easier to slap on some wheels, lowering it, and adding a lip then calling it a day. Due to the influx of instant gratification and entitlement, egos and high horses rise and some people feel that their cars are worthy. How do I know this? I’ve read threads about this. Twice. Some stance sites make it easier to be e-famous, some do not. If e-fame is all you’re looking for, you sir, are in the wrong hobby.

“So what’s there to clarify?”
It may seem like everyone out there wants the piece of the pie but in reality, the stance community is no different then the rest of the different automotive communities out there. The only difference is that it’s not limited to one make or model.

“What do you mean it’s no different?”
There is always a car enthusiast who desperately wants to get featured.
There is always a car enthusiast who isn’t interested in features.
There is always a car enthusiast who is open to new ideas.
There is always a car enthusiast who is closed to new ideas.
There is always a car enthusiast who is willing to meet people behind their usernames at meets, shows, and BBQs.
I can go on and on but these are some examples….

Communities last long not because of the cars but by the people.
Proof? Hot Rods still exist today. Why are they still here? Simple, the cars that were tuned inspired them to join in and participate but the new friendships made along the way in their community kept their existence. This is no different compared to the community you are in right now.
Now I know a lot of people wish that the stance scene would die already but if that’s the case, shouldn’t you be worried about your own and how it will be perceived by everyone else? Wishing for a deathbed on someone else’s scene that doesn’t appeal to you is only shooting your own foot.

What one person considers “trendy” is another person’s community.

Top End NSX (Former)

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Can you keep a Secret?

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“True inspiration is impossible to fake” [VW]

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Do Work Murciélago!

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