“BBSes are made in Germany therefore…

only German cars are allowed to rock BBSes. Others are RICE.”

Sorry German Purists, I never got the memo. o_O

I don’t see anything “RICE” about that Integra. I thought “RICE” applied to those Fast and Furious cars. Now it applies to ANY non-German car rocking BBSes? Wait…what? Let me guess, it’s also “RICE” if any German car rocks Japanese wheels. Right?

“BBS RSes are getting played out now.”
Since when? You have access to the internet and you can browse various forums. Sure, the internet and connecting to people around different states and countries make it seem small but geographically speaking, it’s not played out. One can have multiple variations with lip, bolts, and face. The possibilities are endless. Next time, check the owner’s license plate then cross reference it along with other cars in that state/country.

Hard to believe people are trying to convince others that their choice in wheels, fitment, coatings, etc, are wrong. There is no wrong in all of this, that’s what used to make it fun.


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