End of the Year Thank Yous 2010

Well, this has been one exciting year I must say. I hope everyone enjoyed 2010 in various automotive events whether it was through automotive shows, meets, bbqs and track days with fellow gearheads and friends.

Before I say my thank yous, I would like to clarify my intentions for HellaFlush ≠ Canibeat entry. Yes, it seems like I’m targeting one and defending the other however that wasn’t the point. That wasn’t even the bigger picture. The bigger picture is this, inspiration is universal. It doesn’t matter who you are and what you do for your occupation. There is always that one guy/multiple groups you look up to as your influence in any aspect of the scene. All of this is for fun anyway….

I’ll try to keep this short with some text and visuals.

To my readers/blogrollers from around the world, both old ones and new ones dropping by. Sometimes what I write, we may not see eye-to-eye and sometimes we will. Thanks for your support. Expect an announcement on Monday.

An extra thank you goes out to those that plugged my blog/sent me stickers. (You know who you are.)

(There are more from I put in WORK but I’ll just put one screencap.)

(Same applies for The Real JDM.)

(Including Scene Media.)

(Also applies for Mayday Garage.)


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