Taking a break from blogging…

But here is the catch, I’m not going to be gone forever.

Normally when auto-bloggers talk about taking breaks, they bring up certain negative aspect that they are annoyed about. If one is constantly looking towards the negative, all they will get is the negative. Don’t let the scene have your own self-fulfilling prophecy. My perspective about the scene? It’s all positive. Making friends from around the world through shared interests is always a win. So why am I taking a break? Because I need it. I used to be so focused on this cat and mouse game of “Let’s get more stats!” but eh, that stuff doesn’t appeal to me now. I’m satisfied with where I’m at right now plus it was my year-end goal to reach that amount (it exceeded.) It’s a mixed bag for me anyways considering the variety of transportation I post can be great stats day or decent stats day. Also, the pressure of updating everyday? No thanks. 2/3rds of my readers are also bloggers so they can understand where I’m coming from.

“You need to step your game up.”
What game? Unless you mean the game. You lose.

“When will you be back?”
Don’t worry, not going to be THAT long.

“Is your Facebook Fan Page legit or fake?”
It’s real. Sometimes I forget to post a new entry up on the page.
If you like what I do, feel free to “like” it.


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