PSA: If you do this…STOP IT.

This was drama over stolen rims, The kid in the white Honda thought he saw the dude that supposedly stole his wheels and he went to confront him after the cop pulled him over…Either the kid thought that the cop would back him up or didn…’t give a shit LOL!

Here were the chain of events

1. Kid burned out 2 feet away from cop trying to chase other kid, accusing him of stealing his wheels.
2. Cop pulls him over
3. Kid cussed out cop and threw his DL at him after stepping out of the squad car
4. Kid got back in his car and sped up to 50mph+ on the parking lot almost crashing into the Tahoe
5. And still defiant after cop pulled him over the second time in the video.”

The kicker? The whole thing was over a set of cheap, fake wheels.

1. Real Life ≠ Movies. This isn’t Fast and Furious.
2. When you peel out/burnout, we aren’t looking just because you are “cool”. We are looking because of that unnecessary noise.
3. We go to meets to meet up with friends and to make new ones, not to start beef. The cars are just a bonus.
4. If you plan on doing this, go somewhere else.
5. Thanks for putting other car meets in a bad spotlight.
1 step forward 2 steps back. -_-


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