Fool me once, shame on you…

I don’t care about your fake wheels. If that’s your preference of tuning, so be it. What I do care about is adding some mystical value to your fake wheels on a center cap that shouldn’t be there in the first place. Why do it? It’s only “worth” it to fool newbies and teenyboppers but that’s about it. Problem with that is that they will follow whatever is considered “acceptable”. This isn’t. I dislike misinformation!

“Hater, since you’re talking about it. He must doing something right.”
No, stop saying that. What is this? Opposite day? If we’re going to go with that logic then having haters must mean your doing something right and having lovers must mean your doing something wrong. People hate because they don’t like you. PERIOD.

“Behind every successful person lies a pack of haters.”
Uh, whether your successful or not, there will be people that won’t like you. So, instead of flicking the finger, kill them with your smile. :)

“I don’t want to curb nice wheels!”
Drive better!

“This car already has a set of legit wheels.”
See statement above.

“I can’t afford $4000 wheels!”
Who said you have to? There is a used market where you can find legit wheels for a good price. Only downside? Patience and Research. The resources are there, find the ones suitable for you.

“It got featured because of fitment not authenticity.”
So? If it gets featured on a blog, all it does is promote more of this behavior that it’s okay. I’m pretty sure anyone can buy those wheels, lower it, call it a day then ask a website to feature them. If these are the things that passes for website features, you can count me out.


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