New Bloggers: We Need To Talk

Thanks to Social Media, there has been an influx of new fan pages especially on Facebook. Now, this may or may not apply to you and I don’t care what type of blog you use. (WordPress/Blogspot/Tumblr)

While I was away from my long hiatus, I’ve been noticing some things…

“Can you please like my page? Share it too?”
Now why would I do that? If I DO like your page, I probably might but I’m not the type to give promotions. This is the equivalent of telling a girl “FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, CAN YOU PLEASE LIKE ME!?” You can’t force someone to like you so quickly and even if I did “like” your page as a favor, it feels more like a sympathy “like” rather than a genuine “like”. Just send it once. If I like it, great! If not, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

“Share 4 Share?”
This is the blogging equivalent of Sub 4 Sub on YouTube. STOP THAT. Didn’t work then, won’t work now. What are you getting out of it? More numbers? I’ll go into more detail about this. I’ll also add that this is one of the reasons why I’ve disabled the “Message” button on my fanpage.

“This # of LIKES and MOAR photos will be posted!”
Or…you know…you can just post it. I understand that you’re trying to hype things up but excessively doing that just makes it feel bland.

“Follow us on this social media platform!”
I’ll make my own decision as to who I’ll follow thank you very much!
Posting it once in a while is fine. Every week however, then we have a problem…FYI, that’s not marketing. That’s SPAM.
If you have your various social media platform links under your cover photos, that’s fine with me. Nothing wrong with that.

“My blog is #1 in Google search.”
The same applies to everyone else and their blog when they search themselves but you don’t see them bragging about it.

“Oh nice writeup! 3 hours ago. Remove Preview” Commenting on a blog post in Facebook with your fan page link.
No one likes that. Ever. If you’re going to comment, just leave a comment. You know what happens to those comments? They get deleted.
Want to get your foot in front of the door so people can recognize you? This isn’t one of them. Know what I see it as? Cherry picking and spam.

Information vs. Misinformation
Thanks to the amount of fake parts that roam in the industry, it’s easy to get confused. If you feature a car with XXRs with BBS caps then tell me that owner is going to remove them later, you know what happens in the long run for newbies who see that? They’re going to think: “Well, this is acceptable and I can get featured for faking the funk!” News flash: Not acceptable. Don’t spread the wrong information.

I thought people would get the message by now, obviously they haven’t. If you have a Tumblr, you know what I’m talking about. I’m not specifically targeting Tumblr users either. Who remembers the Illest Stance incident of 2011? That website was rife with watermarks that weren’t supposed to be there. What’s my point? Don’t be THAT guy.


A bit obvious on this part. Making a fanpage name that is similar in wording to a bigger, well-known fanpage but spelled differently is no good. Clearly you can come up with a more original name?


Stance Blogs
How many more do we need to see? I think I’ve seen enough. If you’re still trying to book a ticket for a cruise of stance. The ship has already sailed on that one.

This should already be a given.

Public Relations
The relationship with your audience is just as important as the content you’re bringing out. I have nothing against healthy debates from time to time. Hypothetically, let’s say you screw up big time. I hope you can write a really good press release.

Now…I said I would go into more detail about this. Read below.

Organic Growth > Fixed Growth
Everyone wants some piece of the pie. I understand that but if you’re going to constantly ask EVERYONE with the highest number of fan pages to like your respective fan page, all you’re getting out of it is fixed growth. “Why is it fixed?” From my observation, anything that I listed above that are quoted. Growth of your own blog shouldn’t be forced and shoved down people’s throats. “What’s organic growth?” No gimmicks necessary. Let it grow on your own pace. On a serious note, having a high number fan page isn’t something you can have overnight. Keep on doing what you do and people will notice. .02
Reaching the highest amount of views is not the end all, be all of life.

People vouching for you > Vouching for yourself
You know how when you’re applying for a job and the interviewee asks for your references? Same applies for blogs. I would much rather hear what other people have to say about your respective blog.

At the end of the day, numbers may seem like a huge priority but it isn’t unless you’re out there meeting new people, creating friendships and having fun. You can however stay on the computer all day looking for content but is it worth it? Find a balance. You’ll thank me later.

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