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New Bloggers: We Need To Talk

Posted in Cars, Random, Rants on July 5, 2012 by Jason

Thanks to Social Media, there has been an influx of new fan pages especially on Facebook. Now, this may or may not apply to you and I don’t care what type of blog you use. (WordPress/Blogspot/Tumblr)

While I was away from my long hiatus, I’ve been noticing some things…

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Fool me once, shame on you…

Posted in Cars, Random, Rants on June 10, 2011 by Jason

I don’t care about your fake wheels. If that’s your preference of tuning, so be it. What I do care about is adding some mystical value to your fake wheels on a center cap that shouldn’t be there in the first place. Why do it? It’s only “worth” it to fool newbies and teenyboppers but that’s about it. Problem with that is that they will follow whatever is considered “acceptable”. This isn’t. I dislike misinformation!

“Hater, since you’re talking about it. He must doing something right.”
No, stop saying that. What is this? Opposite day? If we’re going to go with that logic then having haters must mean your doing something right and having lovers must mean your doing something wrong. People hate because they don’t like you. PERIOD.

“Behind every successful person lies a pack of haters.”
Uh, whether your successful or not, there will be people that won’t like you. So, instead of flicking the finger, kill them with your smile. :)

“I don’t want to curb nice wheels!”
Drive better!

“This car already has a set of legit wheels.”
See statement above.

“I can’t afford $4000 wheels!”
Who said you have to? There is a used market where you can find legit wheels for a good price. Only downside? Patience and Research. The resources are there, find the ones suitable for you.

“It got featured because of fitment not authenticity.”
So? If it gets featured on a blog, all it does is promote more of this behavior that it’s okay. I’m pretty sure anyone can buy those wheels, lower it, call it a day then ask a website to feature them. If these are the things that passes for website features, you can count me out.

There’s always three sides to a story…

Posted in Cars, Random, Rants on April 16, 2011 by Jason




This involves Rusty Slammington.

And you can’t handle the truth!

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“BBSes are made in Germany therefore…

Posted in Cars, Rants on September 17, 2010 by Jason

only German cars are allowed to rock BBSes. Others are RICE.”

Sorry German Purists, I never got the memo. o_O

I don’t see anything “RICE” about that Integra. I thought “RICE” applied to those Fast and Furious cars. Now it applies to ANY non-German car rocking BBSes? Wait…what? Let me guess, it’s also “RICE” if any German car rocks Japanese wheels. Right?

“BBS RSes are getting played out now.”
Since when? You have access to the internet and you can browse various forums. Sure, the internet and connecting to people around different states and countries make it seem small but geographically speaking, it’s not played out. One can have multiple variations with lip, bolts, and face. The possibilities are endless. Next time, check the owner’s license plate then cross reference it along with other cars in that state/country.

Hard to believe people are trying to convince others that their choice in wheels, fitment, coatings, etc, are wrong. There is no wrong in all of this, that’s what used to make it fun.

HellaFlush ≠ Canibeat

Posted in Cars, Design, Rants on April 24, 2010 by Jason

“Narcissism of Small Differences”

It seems like some people out there can’t tell the difference/think for themselves/jump to conclusions. So, I will lay everything out if you still can’t differentiate between the two websites respectively. This entry is for you if you’ve done any or all of the above. By the time you finish reading this, you might assume that I hate Fatlace. I don’t. I’ve supported both of these sites from the very beginning. I’m just showing you the bigger picture. What sparked me to write this? Just some reading around various forums and/or blogs. This is a response from their statements. You know who you are.

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Follow Up: Hard Life

Posted in Cars, Rants on April 10, 2010 by Jason

I’m sure many people are aware of this video that have already made the rounds in various forums and websites.

6 counts of insurance fraud for the GTR driver and 1 count for his sister.

Although cash may be king, I guess the bigger problem here is EGO. Before all this happened, it’s obvious that he bought into the hype of the GTR. A bit too much of it. Not 100% car 0% driver. It should balance out. 50% driver 50% car. If you can’t drive it, why buy it? Oh right. To prove to everyone that you have the fastest car. Apparently lots of shit talking too huh?
“-i remember hearing something about the guy in the r35 bragging about him having a gtr and a whole “awd owns all, I’ll destroy anyone on GMR because its a GTR” mentality, and the EVO came back with a “prove it”…or something along those lines”
I guess whats more lower than that is putting oil around the road/crash site so other people can crash too. That didn’t work out too well huh?
I don’t care how much money your parents make. This isn’t the point of the post. The point is, I suggest you keep your ego and common sense in check. Oh yeah, this isn’t Initial D either.


[Looks like a condensed 2/3rds Nurburgring. Not my problem if you drive a fast car late at night and a cop pulls you over while hiding.] are some lessons that you should already know.
1) Don’t lie to any insurance company. They will track everything down.
2) The cliche but beneficial “take it to the track.”
3) I’m not giving away anything. Cops already camp out there.
Same goes for HWY 9 in NorCal. It’s your decision as to whether or not you plan on driving it like a Touge or just casually.


Posted in Cars, Rants on February 19, 2010 by Jason

I accidentally deleted this post a while back permanently. Bringing it back.

Well the car is all taken apart now and put back to stock, but I was always upset that the car never got a feature on either of my favorite blogs I guess(HF or SH). I constantly see cars on either sites that I feel have mediocre photography and that really aren’t doing anything different or special(also some really amazing stuff). I felt this was my best photoshoot and was one of the best times in my car’s life. I just would like some suggestions towards getting some features once I start my next project in a week or so. So the question is, how come I didn’t make the cut?

1. “I constantly see cars on either sites that I feel have mediocre photography and that really aren’t doing anything different or special(also some really amazing stuff).” It’s funny that you say that. The first impression I get when I see your car are these cars.

2. So…all you cats who are DESPERATE to get e-features…where do you go from there? So you one-upped somebody. Oh good for you.
A) Buy Car
B) Get “deals”
C) Modify
D) Get a mag feature
E) ?????
F) Profit
3. Sure, the automotive community may have its cars but it’s about the people as well. If you thought events popped out willy-nilly, please step out of the cave or the rock that you live under.
4. Going on forums is a lot like life. It’s what you make of it. So, how are you going to contribute? Be sure to take your EGO in the backseat because it doesn’t help or get anywhere.
5. If you’re a businessman and in it to make profit. You’re in the wrong scene. Sure, you want discounts and all that. After it gets featured in a magazine and you end up selling it, people might think you’re just a phony.
6. “There comes a point in life when you have to step back and look at your life and you realize that there is more to life than cars.  One thing I’ve realized over the past six years of modding my car is that it’s not the car or the mods that bring me happiness.  It’s the lifestyle, the culture and the friends I’ve made through modifying my car.  Some people figured this out years ago and some people will never get it.  Some people will forever be on the quest for a trophy or an award or a magazine feature.  Life isn’t about the money you’ve spent on cars or the things you do to your car or the trophies you have at home.  It’s about the journey, the friends, the beer, the shows, the late nights in your garage and the cool people that have helped you along the way.  In the world of cars there will always be haters and as that famous sticker says “behind every successful person is a pack of haters”.  This is true and most times the haters are just jealous idiots who can’t accept that people have different priorities in life.  Sometimes people lose focus and get caught up in the drama of the scene and forget that the cars aren’t the center of everything.  Cars are merely a gateway to new friends and experiences in life.  Keep it real.” Andrew @ Open Road Tuning.

Protected: To: The Anti-Fans of SNSD Part Deux

Posted in Random, Rants on October 19, 2009 by Jason

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Protected: To: The Anti-Fans of SNSD

Posted in Random, Rants on September 9, 2009 by Jason

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Will you relax?

Posted in Cars, Rants on June 14, 2009 by Jason
Picture 4
From the Site:
my buddy pointed this out to me.
apparently here too.

but yeah. they are giving me a hard time about receiving credit, so from now on.
i shall watermark every single image.

please remind me if i didnt.”

Will you relax?

Yes YOU. Mr. Anthony Anderson & Bryant

You are taking 1 step foward and 2 steps back. Let me explain.

1 step forward=Your photo is on HellaFlush
2 steps back=So much butthurt feelings that should be left given to chicks.

Hell, it’s the internet. There are going to be pictures from the shit you photographed onto different forums without realizing it. & some blog posters don’t even know whether or not the picture is or is not copyrighted. Also, if the owner posts it in a public forum, then its fair game. For both the car and the critique of photographer.

Yes, I realize that credit should be given where credit is due but if it was from the owner and he allowed the image to be posted on HellaFlush with the stamp of approval from HellaFlush (that watermark), why the hell are you getting so butthurt about it? Oh right, you think THEY claimed your pic. All they are doing is APPROVING the car IS HellaFlush.
READ the damn sign!

At least be thankful your photography made it onto the HellaFlush site.
What do you think blogs are for? especially automotive ones? To post sick and rad rides with photography that matches it.
Don’t you know the automotive blog circle? Search for cars->Browse though Forums->Post on blog->Search again.
And what is the theme of Fatlace’s HellaFlush? Well, that is self-explanatory and THAT car has right formula.

Get it together Annie & Brianna.
I would start adding fuel to the flame but I won’t.
Quit your internet crying please.
They are flowing down faster than Niagara Falls.
The Lesson? Watermark your shit if you are that sensitive, and if that watermarked image makes it to HellaFlush, be thankful for that too.